We need a Cute Animal Therapist in here, stat!

 Lead a brave team of cats as they save their world from invading spirits!

Cute Animal Therapy is a video game that uses digital-world play to develop real-world mental and emotional wellness skills. Our Vision is to create a game that uses digital-world play to build real-world wellness skills. Our mission is to replace the micro-transaction model with a micro-action model; And our goal is to Support Canadian youth mental health .initiatives

The Concept


Gamify mental + emotional wellness exercises


Base games on Mindfulness + Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills


Introduce these skills objectively + facilitate their practice


Teach these concepts before they are critical in the teen years


Foster understanding, coping skills, and independence from the game

Our Team

Amanda Miknev

Chief Executive Officer

Gleb Demianenko

Chief Technical Officer

Alexandra Li

Chief Design Officer

The Volunteers

Alex Galloway


Anthony Seeha


Luke DaPonte

Game Development

Taylor Strutton

Web Development

Come find us at the CNE!

We will be inside the Innovation Garage August 23-25 during the 2019 CNE, pop by to learn more!